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Our product is 6 to 8 month old, supremely tender and lean, mother-reared grass fed heavy veal beef produced on our farms and professionally butchered by a local Tweed butcher and sold in quarter (1/4) packages. Our breeding cows are only reared on natural green unfertilized pasture. Our vealers are reared only on mothers milk and on natural green unfertilized pasture.


Each vealer is split four ways equally into 1/4's. In every ¼ package you receive the following steak cuts: Eye Fillet, Rib Fillet, T-bone, Rump, Y-bone, Blade, Round and Topside plus Rolled Roast, Topside Roast, Silverside (natural or corned), Diced Steak, small packs of Thick Sausages & small packs of Quality Mince. Bags of bones maybe requested at no extra charge.


Our veal beef is delivered fresh, not frozen direct from our butcher to your freezer door. Steak cuts are pre-packed in meal portions, with layers separated and placed on trays and labelled. The Rolled Roast, Topside Roast, and meal portions of Diced Steak, Thick Sausages and Mince are placed in bags and labelled. The Corned Silverside is vacuum sealed in Cryovac. The ¼ package is then placed in one or two boxes (two boxes if a larger ¼ to avoid unnecessary weight placed on the cuts), sealed and delivered to your door in a refrigerated trailer.

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